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We are here to bring fun and simple solutions to Dog Training that, not only work- but transform the way you think about your relationship with your dog. Stop barking, leash pulling, jumping and other destructive behaviors. Create a calm, polite, and respectful dog. Watch and be amazed as Laura turns play time into learning life long lessons that include patience, understanding, consistency, and respect through TRUST.

DOGS ARE OUR BELOVED FAMILY MEMBERS & BEST FRIENDS. Gone are the days of harsh punishment based teaching. We DO NOT train based on myths and irrelevant principles- techniques based on outdated and retracted theories. All canine problems ARE NOT solved with alpha rolls, intimidation, and domination. See statement position on “The Dominance Theory” from the American Society of Veterinary Animal Behavior (ASVAB).


Laura's admiration and compassion for animals spans back to the early days of childhood. From having pets of her own and completing a hands on Vocational Agriculture Program; she then attended SUNY Delhi for Veterinary Technology. The program involved students with the local shelter dogs- attending to all medical and behavioral needs; preparing them for life in a home with a family.


After college life- working from an office and coaching clients about the importance of nutrition for their dogs was not fulfilling enough for Laura- so any free time she spent volunteering at the local shelter, working with various rescue groups, fostering, and helping where ever it was needed. She came face to face with the harsh reality of a huge problem in our country- unwanted, neglected, irresponsibly bred, and most often misunderstood dogs and the lack of community and government funded resources shelters have to do anything about it.

Out of both passion and frustration, she made the life changing decision to tackle this problem head on and pursue dog training full-time. She got certified and took a position as Senior Dog Trainer with a nationwide pet supply and dog training company. Laura uses techniques that are most effective and science based- positive reinforcement training. No harsh punishments, no aversives, force free training. Effectively igniting a bond of love and trust between dog and owner.

I’ve see Laura do extraordinary things with dogs that most other trainers would not have the sensitivity or skill to accomplish. She has a huge genuine heart for the dogs, is very hard working and is hugely capable.
— Paige Horne, Royalworth Kennels: Top 100 Breeder of Miniature Longhair Dachshunds

Fast forward 10+ years later she is now helping clients in and around Hernando, Pasco & Citrus County with private, affordable training from the comfort of their home.

Follow My Lead Dog Training now offers selective, home based, Puppy Board and Train programs ranging from 3 week basic potty training start, crate training, and confidence building program to a 12 week intensive on teaching manners, obedience, and shaping puppies into confident, well adjusted dogs.


Book your consultation today and Laura will travel to your house to create a customized program that will suite the needs of both you and your furry friend. From Basic Obedience and Manners for Puppies and Adult Dogs, Behavior Modification through C.A.R.E methods for fearful, reactivity and aggression, to Advanced Training with AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification (Emotional Support Animals) and Public Access Training (Service Dog Training & Therapy Dog Training)- We will determine the best plan of action achieve your goals together.


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